Google joins the City Search & Local Network: Update business info on Google directly from your City Search & Local dashboard

Google joins City Search & Local Network

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City Search & Local Listings Network: Google

Add your business to Google

Today's world of smartphones, mobile moments, and self-driving cars demands accurate location data more than ever.And no single search, maps, and apps provider is more important to your location marketing strategy than Google. With the City Search & Local Location Manager, you can manage your location data on Google My Business—the tool through which businesses can supply data to Google Search, Google Maps, and Google+.

Active Monthly Users: 1B+

Available in: Listing Network, Display Network

The best Google presence for your brand is enhanced with:

City Search & Local Open Analytics

Dive deep into your Location data. Visually analyze your Google Presence activity. Track your company's performance with insightful reports and dashboards. Create, share reports and collaborate with your colleagues on your marketing campaigns.

Certified Google Partners

City Search & Local specializes in multiple Google products. Get help with Search Ads, Display Ads, Mobile Ads and YouTube Ads. Expand your reach with:

  • Adwords
  • Google My Business
  • Google Plus
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console

Unlimited Creativity

Our award-winning designers bring passion and enthusiasm to every project. From original designs to complete renovations, we have you covered. Our clients enjoy customized for their brand:

  • Google Plus Cover Photo
  • Google Plus Profile Photo
  • 4 million+ royalty-free stock images and clipart
  • Over 400 hours of royalty-free HD stock video
  • Formatting of creative assets for placement in any media