Google joins the City Search & Local Network: Update business info on Google directly from your City Search & Local dashboard

Google joins City Search & Local Network

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Presence Management Listing Network Display Network

Get Found

Get Found Everywhere & on every device.

Control your company listings across 100+ global partners.

Includes: Apple, Bing, Yelp, Google, FB, TomTom & more.

Advertise on 2+ million sites.

Integrates with online maps, apps, directories, gps devices, search engines, local service sites & mapping apps.

Location Manager

Connecting to City Search & Local Listings Location Management Platform allows you to store and manage every bit of information about your locations—from basic details to enhanced content.

Local Listings

City Search & Local partners with the most established and popular search engines, maps, apps and directories across the globe. Our direct connections to the publishers in our powerful Listings Network ensure you get found.

Display Ads

City Search & Local Display Network (CSLDN) is a simple, cost effective way to advertise on a network of 2 million+ apps, games, high quality news pages, topic specific websites, video sites and blogs.

Landing Pages

Landing Pages make it easier to close the gap in turning leads/visitors into customers. We sync it with your Display Ads' call to action, email marketing and link visitors back to your website.

SEO Visibility

Expert recommendations help you continuously improve your ranking. Add targeted text that attracts the right people. Track your progress.


Measure what's working and how people are engaging with your business. Reports include Presence, Search Terms, Social Media, Impressions, Clicks, Inbound Links, Competitors, and Traffic.